zaterdag 18 maart 2017

Be both classy and a Pokémon fan with this beautiful Pokéball Necklace

You're a big Pokémon fan but you don't like the geeky tshirts, caps and hoodies you can wear to show your enthusiasm? Then this Pokéball necklace might be for you! This beautifully crafted metal necklace will be recognized by fans while still fit with your garderobe.

Where To Buy
The Pokéball necklace is available on Pip's Emporium webshop and goes for just $13.99.

zaterdag 14 mei 2016

Is there a way to play Pokemon X and Y on pc?

Of course there is! :)

The games are out now for over two years and I have made working roms plus a DS3 Emulator available for exactly two years today! With over 1.7 million pageviews since then I hope I have made many players happy to play there favorite Pokémon game on their computer. Downloads are still being refreshed every week! So grab your favorite version, X or Y now and start playing!


It's here! Download Pokemon X English + 3DS Emulator now:


It's here! Download Pokemon Y English + 3DS Emulator now:


woensdag 11 mei 2016

Pokémon Sun and Moon arrive november 18th, starter Pokémon and cover Pokémon revealed!

In a brief trailer released this morning, Nintendo gave eager Pokémon masters some important details on the forthcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon: the games will launch on November 18th; as usual, each game will include a new as-yet-unnamed legendary mascot and new grass-, fire-, and water-type starter Pokémon.

The starters include Popplio, a water-type seal; Litten, a fire-type disinterested-looking cat (so, a cat); and Rowlet, a grass- and flying-type owl with an adorable little leafy bow tie (clearly the best of the three). Pokémon Sun's story will presumably revolve around the big sunny lion on the cover, where Moon will feature a big crescent-shaped bat.

The trailer also showed off snippets of the game's graphics, which are similar to those used in X and Y (they're launching on the same system, after all). The main Pokémon RPGs have always been conservative in the graphics department—Pokémon X and Y were the first in the franchise's then-17-year history to use 3D models for all people and Pokémon both inside and outside of battle. Sun and Moon's setting, the Hawaii-esque Alola region, appears to use larger maps with a greater sense of scale than in past games, and the region is shown off using more diverse and dynamic camera angles. The game's worlds have all been rendered in 3D since Pokémon Diamond and Pearl hit the DS back in 2006, but even X and Y mostly stuck to the top-down camera view the series has used since Red and Blue on the original Game Boy.

Read more information and details on the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon rom blog!