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Pokémon X And Y News: Super Training Explained! Find Out How To EV Train Your Pokémon

Now that Pokémon X and Y many have completed all there is to in the main game. You've beat the Elite Four, caught some new pokes in Friend Safari, you've even battled your rival here and there to reestablish dominance. Though in Pokémon X and Y, as with every pocket monster game, one of the most fun parts of the game is battling your friends. While some Pokémon players mozy on through life just getting whatever Pokémon, beating the game with them and kind of cap things off there. Others however, know the ways of EV training and take things to the next level. Competitive battlers now this well and now in Pokémon X and Y it's easier than ever to make your Pokémomn even stronger.

Back In My Day
We called it EV training, or Effort Value training. Officially referred to by GamFreak as "base stats," a Pokémon's EV makeup affects how much each stat grows when gaining experience. When coupled with the Pokémon's natural strengths, whether it be in HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, or Speed, a properly EV trained poke quickly becomes a formidable opponent. For example, a Pokémon trained to specialize in Attack and Speed would be great at quickly sweeping opponents.

EV Break Down
A Pokémon has a maximum of 510 EVs to give out, with each specific stat able to carry a maximum of 255 EVs. Though because the number has to be divisible by 4, the preferred number to max out a stat is 252. E.g.: if you want to raise a sweeper, you would ideally allocate 252 EVs to Attack or Special Attack, 252 EVs to Speed and give 4 to a random third stat (with the two remaining left unused). Though obviously you may want something different. Obtaining specific EVs used to require defeating 100 or so of the same Pokémon over and over again, but not anymore...
Mewtwo's in the gym everyday. What are you doing? (Photo: Pokemon Company)
Mewtwo's in the gym everyday. What are you doing? (Photo: Pokemon Company)
All Aboard The Super Train
First stop Victory Town...ville Victory Road! (nailed it). The addition of Super Training to this Pokémon game brought with it some interesting changes. For one, a Pokémon's EVs are more visible now than ever before. By switching to the Super Training section of the lower screen, trainers are able to see an overview of their pocket monsters' stats. While vague, the chart gives us the best look into a Pokémon's EVs than we've ever seen. Once you've chosen the Pokémon you want to EV train Super train, you may want to get rid of all its EVs at once to give it a clean start. Hitting the main punching bad until the Reset Bag appears is the easiest way to do this. Once obtained, select the Reset Bag from the list of bags by hitting the button on the bottom right. After a while of hitting the Reset Bag, your Pokémon's EVs will be wiped, allowing you to choose how much you want to allocate to each stat.

Mini Games
Once reset, it's time to pile on the effort values. To start, we recommend using a Pokémon you're not worried about screwing up the EVs just yet. The reason for this is initially we will be playing mini-games to unlock higher level ones that yield greater effort values. By hitting the lower left button, you'll access the mini-games section. At first SUper Training Lv. 1 will be the only section available, but as you play each game levels 2 and 3 will reveal themselves. Level 1 gives off +4 EVs, Level 2 +8 EVs and Level 3 gives +12. We suggest doing Level 3 during your training since the games get easier as you play them.
Froakie gettin' it done (Photo: Pokémon Company)
Froakie gettin' it done (Photo: Pokémon Company)
Once all have been unlocked, you simply attain the required amount of points each game to win your EVs. At the end of the match you'll likely get a punching bag that will yield similar EVs in different amounts. The Defense Bag S, for example can be destroyed in no time, though only gives off +1 for Defense. The Defense Bag L, on the other hand takes a little more time to complete but gives off +12. In our opinion the difference in time makes the S bags not really worth it. And one good thing about the Super Training in Pokémon X and Y is the game won't let you over-add EVs to one stat. Once you get a dialogue box saying your Pokémon's stat won't go any higher you know you've maxed out that one stat! Remember: Only two stats can be maxed out, with room four EVs on a third stat. Should you want to divvy them up into thirds, some EVs for every stat, etc. you're able to do so.

Other Attributes To Consider
Even though this is a guide for Super Training your Pokémon, making your 'mons formidable can go beyond EV training depending on how serious you want to get. One other thing to consider is a Pokémon's Nature. The kind of Nature your Pokémon has, Adamant, Bashful, Bold, etc., determines which stat is naturally stronger for that specific Pokémon and which will be naturally weaker. For example, if you want a strong attacker you're better off finding an Adamant or Brave version of it than other Natures. While finding specific Natures can be a pain, breeding one with a Ditto of that nature holding an Everstone may make things easier -- should you want that Nature for more than one Pokémon.
Another attribute to take into account are Individual Values. These values are still hidden like in previous versions unless you know where to look. There are IV calculators online that tip trainers off as to whether or not their Pokémon have good IVs. One of the hints can be found on a Pokémon's summary screen to the right. Phrases like "Loves to eat," or "Hates to lose" aren't just for show.

Wrap Up

Now it should be said that doing these things are definitely not necessary for completing the main campaign. The story mode of Pokémon is generally somewhat easy and X and Y continue that tradition. Though if you plan on getting into competitive battling, these are all things you'll need to pay attention to. A Pokémon with properly assigned EVs, a good Nature and the right IVs will take you far.

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Pokémon Z Confirmed? Zygarde completes the circle with Pokémon X and Pokémon Y

 The newly leaked Pokémon X and Y legendary Zygarde completes the XYZ theme of the new games. Could this mean we'll see Pokémon Z release sometime soon? (Photo: SomethingAwful Forums/Kanpachi)
Talk about an important Pokémon X and Y new legendary. A wild Zygarde has appeared, thanks to the leaker Kanpachi of the SomethingAwful forums -- not to be confused with Kenpachi, though we like to think they're the one in the same. The snake-like Z legendary makes things regarding these Pokémon X and Y new games very interesting. Some may think the fact that Zygarde starts with a Z and forms the letter when seen profile-view is coincidence. Though the high level at which Kanpachi has encountered Zygarde, along with the fact it's ability Aura Break directly counters Xerneas and Yveltal's abilities leads us to believe this is in fact a Pokémon X and Y new legendary.

"The effects of 'Aura' Abilities are reversed," thanks to Zygarde's Aura Break ability. Not only would that nullify the effects of Xerneas' Fairy Aura and Yveltal's Dark Aura, but it could possibly make Fairy and Dark type attacks even weaker when Zygarde's on the field! Mighty convenient for a
Pokémon that's part dragon. Though it makes sense Zygarde could shift the odds in its favor this way, with it being the order Pokémon and all.

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Celebi, Lugia and Kyurem announced for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Pokémon X and Y new legendaries are few and far between now that we've seen the Z Pokémon and hidden sixth generation trio. Though even still, we've seen some Pokémon X and Y new legendaries pop up here and there. Screenshots have made their way online of Celebi, Lugia and Kyruem. While the photos of Celebi, Lugia and Kyruem seem real, it's very likely someone hacked the three out of obscurity as opposed to naturally encountering them. While it's possible these Pokémon X and Y new reveals will be available in-game, we've yet to see any evidence suggesting the fact.

It appears that the three Pokémon were uncovered by the same hacker who brought us such great hits as Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion and Mega Latios / Latias. The photos of Celebi, Lugia and Kyruem can be found on Smealum's site, so it's very likely Smea's the leaker of these three. Similar to Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion, it's unclear how or when these Pokémon will be available -- if they're ever made available, that is. Now that we see Nintendo is able to send out updates to the game over the internet, it's possible they could release the pokes as downloadable content.

While the images of these Pokémon X and Y new legenadaries may give hope to fans of Celebi, Lugia and Kyurem, takes this with a grain of salt. Just because we've seen what the three Pokémon look like in-game does not necessarily mean they will be catchable in X and Y. In theory, every Pokémon ever created is stored somewhere in the game's memory -- whether or not they're obtainable makes all the difference. Though we have seen a few ways in which Pokémon X Y makes call backs to older titles. Pokémon X and Y new legendaries seem to be popping up all over the place lately. We just hope the next ones are available in-game.